Handmade ButterflyFelt Wool Keyring

Handmade ButterflyFelt Wool Keyring

Handmade ButterflyFelt Wool Keyring


A butterfly design felt wool keyring made of 100% sheep wool and crafted by Nepali women sounds absolutely lovely! Not only does it add a touch of natural beauty to your keys or bags, but it also carries a meaningful story behind it, supporting local artisans and their craftsmanship. Plus, the use of sheep wool adds a cozy and sustainable aspect to the product. It’s wonderful to see traditional techniques and materials being utilized in contemporary designs, especially when it empowers communities like the Nepali women artisans.It is perfect for gift.

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Finding wholesale felt keyrings made in Nepal and available for worldwide delivery might require some research, but it’s definitely possible! There are several avenues you could explore:

  1. Online Marketplaces: Websites like Alibaba, Etsy Wholesale, or Fair Trade Federation often feature products from artisans and wholesalers around the world. You can search for Nepali felt keyring suppliers on these platforms.
  2. Fair Trade Organizations: Look for fair trade organizations that work directly with artisans in Nepal. These organizations often have online stores where you can purchase wholesale items, and they usually offer international shipping.
  3. Direct Contact: If you’ve come across a specific Nepali women’s cooperative or organization that produces these keyrings, reach out to them directly. Many artisan groups are open to wholesale orders and can arrange international shipping.
  4. Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Keep an eye out for trade shows or exhibitions that feature Nepali handicrafts. These events often have a wide range of products available for wholesale purchase, and you may be able to connect with suppliers directly.
  5. Local Importers or Distributors: In your own country, there may be importers or distributors who specialize in fair trade or handmade products from Nepal. They could have the connections to source the keyrings you’re looking for and handle the logistics of international shipping.

When reaching out to potential suppliers, be sure to inquire about their minimum order quantities, pricing, shipping options, and any customization possibilities. Building a good relationship with the supplier can lead to long-term partnerships and ensure the quality and reliability of your wholesale orders.

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