Mira Thapa

Mira is the leader of the women in our team. She has one baby girl and studying at 6 class. Since she has been working with our team from last 6 years ago. And her husband also engage in our company. 

Santoshi Baniya

Santoshi is very smiley person. She has two children and her husband drive a taxi. She has been providing higher education to her children through her salary.

Usha Tamang

Usha is a young artisan women in our team. She is very very hard working determined person. She has been trained to make felt products and she is using her skill to make quality products.

Kesab Thapa
Keshab Thapa

Kesab is one of the most hard working and honest person of our team. He is from the northern part of Nepal. As long as I have known him, he gives a lot of interest on his work and fulfill the requirements properly. He is an all-rounder worker. He is mostly involved in packing the products.

Rita Tamang

Rita is responsible for making felt ball. She has been working since three years ago. She check the quality of ball, color according to color chart and size of ball.

Pramila Lama

Pramila is one of the honest member of our team. Actually, she is a house-wife. She sews the felt rugs as well as makes the felt balls. Sometimes when she is unable to come to the office, she sews the felt products in her home. During that time, her husband helps her to finish her work properly. Therefore, she is a very honest and kind-hearted person.

Nirmala Nepali
Keshab Thapa

Nirmala is a shy person. She has one baby studying at grade 4. Although she has been working with our team for only 4 years, she is a very hard working and talented person. She makes the felt balls.