• Handmade Felt Ball Rugs

    Handmade felt ball rugs direct from Manufacture. We provide round, square, rectangular and cloud felt ball rugs in different designs and color combinations. Our felt ball rugs are soft and of high quality. The elegant design gives your bedroom, kitchen, living room and office a special touch. Our rugs are made of approx 2 cm size felt balls. We can also custom make felt ball rugs according to your own design and color combination, in any ball size. All our rugs are handmade and dyed with azo-free colors. We don't use glue since it's not good for our workers to inhale. The wool balls are instead stitched together with a double twisted nylon thread that assures a strong structure for long-lasting use. Care : Use the vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt. If necessary, apply a mild soap and a few drops of water. Avoid wet and hot materials on the rug.

  • Handmade Felt Balls

    Our colorful felt balls (pompoms) are handmade by Nepalese women. They rub the felt in to a round shape with the traditional method of using soap and hot water. Our colorful felt balls are very popular worldwide. It can be used for many different decorative crafts and accessories like felt bags,purses, garlands, necklaces, earrings etc. Only the sky is the limit! We accept custom size and color also.

  • Handmade Felt Ball Mats

    Handmade felt ball mat wholesale by Felt Ball Rugs Nepal. Felt ball mat are popular all of the world. It is made from 100% pure sheep wool, handmade in Nepal by Nepalese skilled women. We can also custom make felt ball mats according to your own design and color combination.

  • Handmade Felt Bags

    Handmade beautiful felt bags wholesale from Nepal,Handmade in Nepal by Nepalese women. We have years of experience in making fabulous and fashionable felt bags. They are all hand crafted in Nepal and come in all shapes and sizes: shoulder bags, handbags, children bags, shopping bags etc. We can make all design of felt bags choice of your colors. ( The required price is given in the term of 5 pieces )

  • Handmade Felt Shoes

    Felt shoes wholesale from Nepal by Felt Ball Rugs Nepal, handmade in Nepal. Everybody loves our shoes! They come in fabulous, very funky designs, in a wide selection of styles and colors. We make them in a variety of sizes and can also supply your own designs and choice of colors. Just let us know what you want us to make and we will use our years of experienced skilled women to make your unique products. ( Minimum 5 pair with your own size. )

  • Handmade Felt Slippers

    Handmade felt slippers from Nepal, made by Nepalese women. Our slippers are made of 100% sheep wool imported from New Zealand. You can order your own designs, sizes and color combinations. We are proud to be your wholesaler of felt slippers.

  • Handmade Felt Purse

    Handmade felt purse wholesale from Nepal,Handmade in Nepal by Nepalese Artisan and skilled women. Our all felt coin purse made from 100% pure sheep wool imported from New Zealand. We have many tipes of felt purse sample please contact us for wholesale. All kinds of small purses are available in your own colors and styles; our highly trained felt craftswomen are ready to make your ideas come true. We don't use child labour in our work place.

  • Handmade Miscellaneous Felt Items

    Our high quality and bright colored felt miscellaneous interior design products add the last touch to your room. Wall hangings and door decorations will brighten up offices, hotel rooms and hospital waiting areas. It is handmade in Nepal and we always use 100% wool imported from New Zealand. We accept your own design and color combinations.

  • Handmade Felt Sample Package

    These sample packages are especially for wholesale customers who are not sure about the quality and colors combination. You can buy our handmade felt sample package to be sure about our quality and colors to make purchase from us for the first time.

  • Varieties Yarns

    Our Yarn hand spun in Nepal by our skill women. We are selling varieties of yarn from Nepal. Our yarns are 100% eco friendly. We produce felt wool yarn, recycled silk yarn, knitting yarn, natural hemp and nettle yarn which are very useful for your project. Since all the yarns are handspun, the yardage varies from skein per skein. The thickness and amount of twist in particular skein can make a big difference in the total yardage. Please do not hesitate to email us for wholesale price.

  • Woolen Socks

    Handmade woolen socks wholesaler from Nepal. Please contact us for more details.

  • Handmade Felt Fruits and Vegetables

    Wholease felt fruits made in Nepal.

  • Handmade Felt Bowls/Cushions
  • Felt Christmas Wreath

    Felt wreaths are handmade by Nepali women. We make your custom size and colour.

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